Verbal Fertilizer®

By Pro Ag Communications, Jul 2 2014 04:37PM

It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky. All the work you scheduled for the day was going as planned. Then it happened. The tractor broke down, the truck got a flat and one of the guys quit. This may not be the day to talk to the landlord. There are days of Murphy’s Law, “If it can go wrong, it’s going wrong.” It’s better to let that call go to voicemail or to not respond to that email. Part of good communication is no communication. In case you were feeling guilty for not answering the phone, don’t. I’m here to tell you it’s okay. So if I don’t answer the next time you call, you may just know it’s a ‘no communication’ kind of day.

By Pro Ag Communications, Jun 20 2014 01:40PM

Communication can create contentions or connection. Your non-verbal communication can speak louder than words. I find farmers are relaxed when they find a truck or tractor to lean on and have their arms crossed. While you may find this stance comfortable, it tells a non-verbal story. When talking business, stand up with your legs shoulder width apart and open your arms up. Putting them in your pockets is fine, or even hold your hands behind your back to show that you are available, open to discussion and part of the discussion. You may think you're connecting with your words, but you're causing contention with your body language.

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