Verbal Fertilizer®

By Pro Ag Communications, Aug 4 2014 03:40PM

I recently visited one of my farmers and am always amazed at how clean everything is kept. The tractors were washed and waxed after planting season. Blades were sharpened and the floor was swept. The cabs of the trucks were dirt free. I had a lot of respect for this farmer even before I knew too much about him. I knew he took his profession serious just by how he took care of his equipment and barns. Your barn is talking to your landlords. What’s it saying?

By Pro Ag Communications, Jul 17 2014 06:08PM

You know when you’re at the restaurant and the waitress shows up when your mouth is full and asks, “Is there anything else I can get you?” Why is it we don’t ask that more ourselves? It’s a good feeling when someone asks you that. You feel like they care; like you matter. While many of us are afraid that we’d be given a list or a lecture, the fact is if there is a list or lectures then they’re not a loyal customer! Have you stopped lately to ask, “Is there anything else I can do for you?” You’ll quickly learn where you stand.

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