Verbal Fertilizer®

By Pro Ag Communications, Sep 11 2014 04:09AM

I’m pretty sure you know where I’m going with this. It’s easy to put off communicating with your landlords and customers. You’ve got a list of things that need done every day. But as my dad noticed one day, “Every time I cross off something from the honey-do list, she adds another.” There will always be more work to do, replaced with more work tomorrow. But if you don’t nurture those relationships today, there very well could be less work to do tomorrow.

By Pro Ag Communications, Aug 19 2014 06:28PM

I have a lot of respect for farmers. They start early and work late. But the farmers I respect the most are the ones that know how to say, “It can wait till tomorrow.” You might know the Snickers commercial that says, “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” Well the same is true when you’re tired. “You’re not you when you’re tired!” It’s easy to hear things wrong and say the wrong things when you’re tired. I know there are seasons that you have to work around the clock but just remember that when you have to talk to a landlord or customer. And when in doubt, it can wait until tomorrow. Go home and rest!

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